Hide track in Edit but not in Mix?


I found a drum sampler, Sitala, that behaves exactly how I want in Ardour, exposing a stereo pair for each of its 16 pads. This does however create 16 tracks that I don’t necessarily need to see in the arranger view but would like to still have them visible in the mixer - is that possible?

Sorry, it is not possible. In extremely old versions of Ardour it was possible to hide/show tracks independently in the editor and mixer, but many people would get confused as a result, and we removed that possibility.

That’s fair, thanks for the explanation!

This is somenthing that could be fixed by “Collapse group” - feature request described here:

The main motivation was to keep all views in sync. incl control surfaces.

Some users have the Editor on screen, and then use a control-surface for the mixer. Keeping visibility and order in sync helps a great deal.

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