Hide Sends

Hi together!

I use Ardour to mix my Band live and give them Inear Monitoring.

For this i created 8 Sends from each relevant channel to the 8 busses which i use for monitoring.

All these Sends are very confusing because they block the sight to the FX in the chanelstrip. I see only the sends and have to scroll for the FX plugins

Is there a way to hide the send symbols in the chanelstrips?

I dont really need them because using the AUX Button from the Bus.

Excuse my english.

Sounds like a good feature to me. But it is not there right now.

Fine to see also others would find this helpful.
Does this feature interesting the developer group?
Would be fine to find an hide option for the sends in future versions of ardour.

It would also be great to hide the AUX busses from the editor window and show them only in the mixer window.

Feature requests and bug reports in the forums will generally be ignored and/or forgotten. They belong at http://tracker.ardour.org/

We used to support different visibility status in the editor+mixer windows and on control surfaces too, until we started to get feedback that it becomes immensely confusing to most users.