Hi there

for 2009 we planned to do some open source workshops in my project studio. Really basic stuff, like introducing to people that to record a cd you don´t need a contract with a big label nor to pay a fortune to propietary software, just D.I.Y

and for that we look out for people of all ages and sex to participate the way they want, prepare a subject or just having a coffee and learn how to get things done.

we want to do this in march for pure data and afterwards, with ardour maybe. I´d be happy for advices and feedback about that idea, if you want to participate just write me…

Hey, like half of my post was eaten dont’ know why sorry that the essential information got lost… :wink:

the first thing we’re gonna do is a 3 day pure data workshop in march 2009, the weekend we will announce hopefully at the beginning of 09. the idea is not only to care for the technical things but also do music directly , ending the course with a small sound-event. The ardour/recording workshop should be then in april / may… or before, in february… like you see, its still not fixed everything. we have a small studio space with 4 rooms where you can do different things at the same time,… its just starting everything so theres no homepage … yet .

any particular geographical location?

BERLIN! oops, thought i d had written it … :wink:

what time of year?