Hi, A new ardour user

Hi, I have some problems getting ardour working right. It’s like no sound gets stuck in the program but I get sound in my speakers when i play my guitar(I’m really a drummer). There’s also some strange thing with the speed, I tried to turn on the metronome and have bpm set to 120, But, it sounds like 30bpm or something its really really slow.

Also, how far away is ardour 2.0?

other than that, this seems to be a very good program.

And can you recommend a good external soundcard? the integrated nvidia card is quite bad, I’ve tried to record with audacity and it’s really noisy sound. As cheap as possible cause I’m a poor student…


It sounds to me as though you are running a Linux kernel that doesn’t have RT enabled and a 1000 HZ clock, but something running at 250HZ.

If you are running fedora core, you can install a
rt kernel from mingo’s repository.


Also ubuntu and gentoo have rt enabled kernels available - a little googling will guide you on your way.

Otherwise you can apply those patches at the site above and build your own kernel.

I’m about to use a Tascam US-122, but I’ll buy a Delta 1010 as soon as I will be able to afford it (I payed the tascam 80$ from a friend, and the Delta costs about 350-400 bucks)