Here is the album

I might be one of the rare person who has got some benefit from the crisis…
It gave me time to moove forward with this “album”…
Hope you will like it.
I must admit that now begins the second part of the story, I mean give it some motion, and it has nothing to see with something easy , but wait and see.
It is the first time I am ok with what is going out from my work , though critics are welcome .
It was made mainly with Ardour for the recording( except old songs recorded with Sonar), and all the mixes were done under Mixbus,the “mastering”( a little bit of compression , a touch of eq and some limiting )back in Ardour to avoid having another layer of Mixbus saturation emulation.
Stay well you all.
Thanks for listening.

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I think the first song is amazing, it’s just simply great (composing, performance, mixing). I don’t know French music very well but I’m somewhat familiar with chanson and I’m guessing that is the genre here.

I think the first song is so great because of the rhythmics of the vocals. The pauses are exactly in right places and the anticipation for what’s coming next makes the vocals so good. I feel that sometimes there are a little too many words in the other songs, and the vocals could benefit from some cleverly inserted pauses to make the vocals more rhythmic. I realize that the abundance of words is probably a feature of the genre and if so just ignore my comments and forgive me my lack of knowledge of French culture :slight_smile:

Anyway, great job and thanks for sharing.

Hey, I only had time to listen to the first song, but it’s very good. I listened with my headphones and I found the mixing very good, especially the sound of the electric guitar in the background and playing the solo, it sounded awesome :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Hi Mikael,
Thank you for taking time to listen and to give a full comment.
For the rythm of the vocals, It is always the trap a singer can fall into , which is in the will to push the emotion then the timing can get more or less loose…
The great artist of the genre are often perfectly on time and able to transmit emotions.
I am always looking forward to enhance this side in my way of singing, but maybe sometimes I should go back to the step before and look into the writing of the song.
Stay well.

Hello Philippe,
Nice that you could give an ear to one of thoose songs.
Thanks a lot for your post.
Stay well.