Henri Corporate: rock-pop-electro band

Hi here !

I have mixed 4 Henri Corporate songs using only Ardour 5, we plan to record more song as soon as possible :slight_smile:

The band is composed of 3 people, 2 guitars, 1 bass(me) and vocals, no drummer.
Live, we use samples triggered by a custom arduino midi pedal, a home made “playlist driver” (python) and linux-show-player ( https://www.linux-show-player.org/ )

All the tracks have been recorded with Ardour 5 on Ubuntu, except the vocals tracks (the singer uses another software on windows)

About mixing, I don’t use many plugins:

  • Calf parametric eq on track
  • Calf compressor on tracks
  • DragonFly reverb on buses
  • Calf compressor + limiter on master

You can listen all our songs here:

Any feedback is appreciate :slight_smile:

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Hello JP,

I listened to your tracks and really enjoyed your sound !
Well balanced, nice atmosphere, love what the the backing vocals bring.
Good job !!
P.s. very interesting to read about your setup using custom midi pedal and LiSP :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback Vincent :slight_smile:

About the “midi pedal”, it is actually a simple pedal with two buttons basically to start and stop the samples.
The pedal only sends 2 midi codes:

Initially the pedal was way more complicated, with 4 buttons, a LCD screen, a bank / song management, something over complicated for a simple task as starting/stopping audio.

So now the pedal is connected in USB to a laptop running Linux Show Player (LiSP).

I have developed a simple python script name Guido to handle our playlist. (Guido because it is a Graphical interface using/over mido).

So Guido loads a simple CSV file containing our playlist:
song label; midi note

Each sample is defined in LiSP with a specific midi note.

When start is pressed on the pedal, Guido receives the start note and then sends the midi note matching the next song in the playlist to LiSP.
And that’s it, nothing voodoo in all this.
We also manage to trigger video, still using LiSP.

I always had the plan to release all the source code but I never took the time to do it:

  • openscad code to print the pedal
  • arduino code for the pedal
  • guido code

I hope it answers your questions :slight_smile:

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