Help!!! sometimes you have saved the session, opening the message did not load successfully: can not configure audio / midi engine with session parameters and … there’s nothing left to do. I lost all the work ???

We don’t even attempt to provide help for problems as potentially complex as this via a web forum. Please join us on IRC (see the Support tab at the upper right of this page for details). There we can talk with you in real time and get the problem fixed in a sensible way, rather than going back and forth on a web forum.

By the way, no you likely did not lose all your work. Chances are you have a problem in your system config and/or how you have Ardour set to start is all.


I apologize if I did not use the right channel to communicate, but I’m a musician and ‘despite having a bit’ computer experience are not so experienced as to develop or improve software. I’m sure I did not lose engraved data. The fact of not knowing when the software does not make me reopen the project is worrisome. I will contact you on IRC to see if you can solve the problem. Thank you