I am trying to open a session that i have been working on and today it won’t open! The last time i opened it was yesterday with no trouble. This is the error message i keep getting:

AudioEngine: cannot register port “click/out 1”: a port with the name “click/out 1” already exists: check for duplicated track/bus names

Anybody know what could be wrong???

Well I know for sure I don’t have another copy of Ardour open…it must be that i have a duplicated port name. How can I fix this???

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Either you have another copy of Ardour open, or your session somehow has a duplicated port name.

Either fix is not difficult, but you need to figure out which it is first.


You probably have a track/bus called ‘click’ in Your project, which conflicts with the ‘click’ port name. I solve such issues by hand-editing project *.ardour file. Make a backup and try to find all instances of ‘click’ and rename those that refer to Your track.