Help with Zyn Fusion UI

Hi all,

I’m trying to use Zyn Fusion in one of my tracks in Ardour. I’ve tried creating the track as a MIDI only track (adding Zyn as a plugin) and as a MIDI Audio track (selecting Zyn as an instrument) and get the same results in each case. Once I have the track created I double click on Zyn in the track’s mixer strip and I only get the generic UI:

I understand that one of the big advantages of the new Zyn Fusion is its elegant UI and would love to use it. I’m wondering if there is some configuration setting I need to make, either in Zyn or Ardour, in order to have the new UI?

I’m runing on Ubuntu Studio 19.10 with Ardour 5.12.0 and zynaddsubfx 3.0.5-2 (which I got from the UbuntuStudio repo). I’ve also tried adding the KXStudio repo and installing Zyn from there with the same results. I’ve made sure Zyn is installed in the expected directory (/usr/lib/lv2/zynadd.lv2) and set the LV2_PATH environment variable to /usr/lib/lv2. I haven’t yet tried cloning Zyn project from the git repo and building / installing locally (hoping that’s not necessary). I’ve scoured Google for some clue to what I might be doing wrong, but haven’t found anything helpful.

Apologies if this is too much of a Zyn question for an Ardour forum. If this is the case I’d appreciate someone pointing me at the appropriate Zyn forum.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Do other LV2 plugins work and show the GUI?

In particular plugin GUIs that us openGL (like zyn). Examples include zam-plugins, x42-plugins (should be packaged on Ubuntu 19.xx)

If so, maybe try the official package, or demo from
If that works that’d indicate an issue with Ubuntu’s zyn package.

PS. I do not have first hand experience with Ubuntu 19.10, perhaps someone else will chime in.


I use it on studio 19.10 and had this behavior with the kx repo wich I think is intended for use with 18.04.

I made a new fresh install of studio 19.10 and then I compiled zynfusion myself and voila !

Works welk now

Thanks Robin,

I tried the other plugins you mentioned and their UIs looked fine (i.e., not generic). So I went ahead and purchased Zyn-Fusion from the website you referenced. Worked like a charm! Beautiful interface BTW, and much easier to understand and navigate than in previous versions.

Thanks again for the quick response and the help.


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