Help with the ladspa swh gate?

Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m having a little difficulty getting the swh gate to sound the way I want it.

Could people share with me their settings for the gate? To give me an idea how to use the thing?

For instance, my current setting is:

LF Key: 33.6
HF Key: 23280.000
Threshold: -44db
Attack time: 0.010 ms
Hold: 589
Decay: 537
Range: -51.959

try it explains each parameter
cheers pete

Thanks Peter.

Already read the descriptions of what each parameter does, here.

Nevertheless, I really would like to see some examples of how people set up the plugin for their vocals.

The settings used for gating depend heavily on the sort of instrument / sound you’re gating and of course the individual take you’re working with. For what purpose are you looking for gate parameters?

For example, for snare drums I use a hold setting of around 80ms and decay of a 20-50ms. (If my memory serves right). So if you’re settings are from drums, I’d expect the gate to stay open way too long.

Hi sampo. I was trying to gate the breathing stops out of my vocals. An online tut on recording vocals told me that was what I should do.

Can’t seem to get it right. Either the breath is still there, or the occasional word gets cut off at the first consonant.

Was hoping someone could show me a template of what an ordinary vocal gate looks like. That way I would know whether my breathing is just too loud, or I’m just not using the gate correctly.

Some templates for vocal compression would be good too.