Help with disabled(?) metronome

Hi there!

I cannnot get the metronome to work. I have done my absolute best, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the click/metronome to work on Linux.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit) and Ardour 4.6.0 “Evening Star” (built from revision 1:4.6~dfsg-1)

See the audio connection window here:

If someone could help, I would greatly appreciate it! This is mission critical!

  1. mission critical stuff belongs on IRC.
  2. solving this kind of problem on a web forum is ridiculous and slow.
  3. We do not support distribution builds of Ardour.
  4. Get a build from (the free/demo version if necessary) and try that out.

Hi Paul

Wikipedia tells me that Ardour’s primary author is you, in which case, thanks!

I will visit IRC and take a look at the paid downloads on

@etsnyman: unfortuantely it appears that you’re in the opposite time zone from most of the people who might help you out. IRC works best between about 7am European central time and 9pm US Eastern. At other times it is less easy to get real time interaction.