Help wanted with Korg nanoKontrol2

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I am new to Ardour and busy unlocking her secrets. I got a lot working already, but not my Korg nanoKontrol2. I bought it several years ago, but due to several problems never got around to using it, and it actually got quite lost. Just found it again, plugged it into my laptop, Ardour sees it, but there it all stops. I haven’t the foggiest idea on how to make it work in Ardour, and tips & tricks in older posts point to no longer existing resources.

Help & advice are highly appreciated!

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According to the owner’s manual, the NanoKontrol 2 uses the Mackie protocol, so you could check this section of the manual: The Ardour Manual

In the Preferences, under Control Surfaces, what happens if you check the box next to “Mackie” – do any of the knobs or faders on your NanoKontrol work?

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Thanks for your rapid answer. Followed instructions, nothing there ;-(

Can you suggest an alternative?

Ardour has dedicated MIDI maps for it. It’s part of the “Generic MIDI” surface.


Note however that you need to use the “Korg Control Editor” app and change the buttons to "toggle:


Hi Robin,

Thanks for your prompt and good answer. Exactly where you showed. However, no reaction. So I installed the Korg MIDI drivers, and after the even the Korg Control Editor was lost ;-(
Install, de-install, re-install (with the necessary system restarts in between), but the connection with the nano is gone.
I give up and start looking for an alternative.

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If you are really looking for an alternative, I’d suggest the Presonus Faderport2 (one fader only) or the versions with 8 or 16 faders; these are supported very well in Ardour (I use the Faderport2) and the main advantage is that they have motorized faders so when you go back to a mix after closing Ardour your faders will immediately jump to where they were when you were last using them. The Korg doesn’t have motorized faders.

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Thanks, Brad, looks good, will certainly take a good look at that one!

DaiKen, it has been a while since I used my own NK2, but I remember I had to plug it in a special mode, It was probably the “other DAW” mode, press SET MARKER and CYCLE before pluging in the USB cable.


Can you check with a MIDI tracer if signals arrive when you press some controls?
e.g. Ardour’s Window > MIDI Tracer (after connecting the control port)

Or some windows app e.g. MIDI-OX 7.0 Download (Free) - midiox.exe

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Thanks for the reactions & advice. I however have given away the nanoKontrol and ordered a Behringer X-TOUCH ONE DAW controller as the Presonus Faderport2 was out of stock at my musis hardware shop.

Jo, Look at midilearn in the manual, its really easy and works. You only have to use a mouse with wheel. For Transport, marksetting and automation- stuff its really ok. Works also good with the nanokontrol Studio. Good Luck!

ThnX schun. Alas you missed missed my last post, I gave the nanoKontrol away :wink:

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