Help understanding automation and plugin settings

When using automation to let’s say gain ride a vocal, wouldn’t it affect the plugins gain stage settings when I boost or reduce automation, wouldn’t it be better to automate a gain plugin at the last signal chain

There are multiple ways to automate gain of audio regions. It is flexible and situational.

  1. It could be in the region itself, which is before any plugin and therefore affects the gain staging of those plugins.
  2. You could also automate the volume fader, which would only affect gain staging of post-fader plugins. Pre-fader plugins will only have their output affected by the fader automation.
  3. automating your plugins gain knob as you said, or a dedicated gain utility
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I generally see people automating the region section or where the audio file waveform is so I was always used to seeing it that way but I know I can do it another way, so based on how I mix, I want to use my plugins and then at the last stage automate anything that needs to fit better in the mix without affecting my entire plugin chain.

So I guess my options are gain staging using a gain plugin or something

Also I just realized that whatever I choose to automate I will still get the automation parameters, I thought it was only for when you automate the waveform gain etc

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