Help?! Step-by-step guide to installing a Linux DAW on a Delta 1010LT?

We don’t care which distro (though recent would be nice). We don’t care how many commands we have to execute to get it going (though less is better).

All we want is a working DAW to use Ardour for basic recording without Xruns!



maybe you can try Ubuntu Studio (the newest 8.10 if you don’t need absolut low-latency).
I think it is also a live CD, but I’m not sure. I will detect your Delta 1010LT out of the box (but well, about every Linux distro does that) and Ardour will be installed, too.


Thanks Ben!

It will detect your Delta 1010LT out of the box (but well, about every Linux distro does that)

Yes, with the exception being Hardy.

We installed Ubuntu Studio Intrepid, but multitracking in Ardour resulted in loads of xruns.

We are probably missing some config step to get Jack running solid. Do you have any suggested steps once we get Intrepid Studio installed?

Thanks for the reply!


uh, ugly bug in Hardy.

Ok, do you run Jack in Realtime mode (-R in command line, check Realtime in qjackctl or the Ardour dialog)?
To be able to do that, you need to add your group or user to the
(like this if your are in the audio group:
@audio - rtprio 90
@audio - nice -10
@audio - memlock unlimited
, or your username without the @ in front of)


Can’t we make that info a sticky somewhere?
It seems every third or so question here boils down to not having it enabled.

Oh, and I don’t know about Ubuntu Studio but the regular 8.10 has a buggy Ardour. You can’t import wav files into it, the import window is blank.

You could always try A/V linux:


A/V Linux works OOTB with M-Audio 1010LTs (I have one myself) and comes with the Envy24 Control installed already. It is based on Gutsy with many Debian Lenny packages, so it is recent enough Audio-wise. If you are concerned about future support, work is well underway on A/V Linux 2.0 based on Debian Sid with a MEPIS base to be released in a month or so.

Thanks for the plug!

I’ve experienced problems with 1010 and some other cards in full duplex mode with jack, if you get persistent problems with xruns after doing all the usual tweaks, try starting jackd in playback only using the -P switch and see if that helps. Some cards do not play nicely with jack in full duplex mode, its hard to pin down the problem, its not jack, or the card necessarily just a combination of things like kernel version, motherboard, BIOS, audio card, etc.

Thanks for sharing information and hope it will be useful and worthful to us.
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Thanks to everyone for the input. I ended up getting Ubuntu Studio Intrepid to work nicely after the edits to /etc/security/limits.conf (duh! something I have done before on every working Linux DAW I’ve ever used - it’s been a while!)

I agree with peder that the edits to /etc/security/limits.conf should be displayed on the Linux download page and as a sticky at the top of the Linux sections of the forum. Who can do this?

Thanks again!