help! Softube impossible to install!

I can install the version 2.2.91 of Softube,
but the latest version 2.3.41 containing british class is to me impossible to open any session

that solution is this?

what is softube and why would you post to the Ardour forums about it?


I am taking a guess that Anbelop is referring to the plugins that Softube makes, and the second half of my guess is that they aren’t referring to installing as much as opening in Ardour. This leads to the third part of my guess which is that there might be a language barrier:)

All that being said, since this is on Windows (Judging from the category, we really need to rethink the community side of the website at some point) I can’t help that much sorry.


sorry guys,
I’ll try to explain better,

I use a console1 Softube, everything worked properly until the latest version of software …
at the time I updated the installer Softube, Ardour is unable to load any plugin Softube, Ardour simply disappears from the screen, I come from Harrison Mixbus, the same thing happens there

any idea why this is happening?