Help please upgrading from 6.3.0 to 6.7.0 on Opensuse 15.0

I would like to upgrade to 6.7 but I am not sure how to do that.
Do I run the install program as root or as normal user?
Do I have to uninstall 6.3 before running the upgrade?
A while back there was a remark on the web site that said something like: "6.? will be the last release that will work with ". I think I need to know what it said in order to know if Opensuse 15.0 is OK to run 6.7.
Thank you

You buy the 6.7 installer from Get Ardour | ardour and follow the instructions.
You have to run the installer as root.
6.7 installs in something like /opt/Ardour-6.7 so in doesn’t affect your 6.3 installation.

Ardour 7.0 won’t work on old systems like Leap 42 but 15.0 is fine.
That said, 15.0 went EOL in Nov 2019 so if that PC is connected to the Internet you haven’t had security updates for 1.5 years.
You should think about upgrading to the latest 15.3 in that case.

Thank you very much Pedar, all done and dusted and yes I am overdue to upgrade to 15.3 which must happen soon.

I’ve withdrawn my previous post because Pedar already had answered more accurately, and with less words, just before I finished writing.

Just wanted to mention that you’ll likely have an easier time with reinstalling from ground than trying to upgrade, the only supported upgrade path is from 15.2 to 15.3, unlike in the past, I think mainly due to the new way the distro is assembled - most 15.3 rpms originating in SLE, not openSUSE as before. There was a failure report and discussion just a couple of days ago on one of the SUSE mailing lists about upgrading from 15.1 to 15.3.

Edgar yes I agree. I don’t think I ever tried to upgrade; I always made a fresh installation of the next release and spent the following weeks re-installing and copying across everything I needed. I sometimes felt a little foolish giving myself all the extra work but a major advantage is that all the clutter of things that get installed but are not really needed just disappear automatically.

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