help please debugging Ardour session

I’m returning to a project that involves quite a bit of patching between Ardour, jack, jconvolver and Pd. The Ardour session took me quite a long time to configure. Since shelving the project it was necessary to upgrade my OS to Ubuntu 14.04 and now, I find the sessions in question cause Ardour to “not respond” on opening. I don’t think the session files are corrupted because i’ve tried several versions and backups and the result is the same. I can however run Ardour with other sessions, create new sessions etc.

I’ve tied a few different command line arguments including -O, -P and -d but the result is the same: the Ardour windows go grey and fail to respond.

I’ve uploaded two files. The first “ardour_term.txt” shows the terminal printout of a launch. The second “file ardour_term_debug.txt” shows attempt at debugging using the instructions here:

however, since Ardour doesn’t actually crash, it was necessary for me to type ctl-c in the terminal to return to the gdb prompt in order to type: “thread apply all bt” - so I’m not sure if this printout will be of any use.

Please see:


My version of Ardour is 3.5.380 64bit - which I upgraded just today to see if it would help - previously I was running 3.5.357.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



  1. Please see and pay attention to the message. The fact that your distribution is still only packaging 3.5.380 is not a reason to continue using this version.
  2. Might be a zoom problem. Please email me the session file (