help on selecting the right laptop

Some documentairy makers will follow me on my switch to Linux/Ardour as a pro composer and sound designer. At first I thought about buying this laptop but since it lacks a webcam it seems, I need something else.

Could you recommend me on a laptop with a good audio interface and webcam? Should be not more than about $500 more or less.

The laptop mentioned would be a good option in that the hardware and software have been tested together
It also includes some bundled commercial software at that price.

If I were to look at hardware in the same league as that offering without the bundling I would look at the Lenevo S10 as it has some sort of card interface which will give you the chance to run cardbus soundcards or have a firewire interface. Otherwise you are limited to onboard sound or usb based devices (and a lot of newer usb devices aren’t yet fully supported).

Otherwise you will be looking at a full sized laptop… and best suggestion is to grab a cd based audio distro and try running it before you buy the thing. Some firewire chipsets work better with linux than others, some wifi chipsets work better etc.

That laptop DOES have a webcam, just look at the very top of he screen and you will see a small lens (circle) about 1cm dimeter, besides, if it didn’t have it, can’t you just go to office depot and buy one???

laptops wit a webcam are 10 a penny (i.e. it’s pretty much standard on the lower-end machines, “serious” laptops don’t have them because corporate IT departments don’t like them).

If you do buy a webcam make sure you don’t get one with troublesome chipset like i did, some Logitech models are “linuxally challanged”.

On the opther hand I’m not sure laptops with “a good audio interface” even exist. Mostly they use $0.50 audio chips and they sound rubbish, even the pricier models (can’t comment on the Apple models but you won’t get one for 500 bucks)

I currently have a Lenovo G530 model which has an embedded cam and it works flawlessly in UbuntuStudio 9.04 along with sound and I am just trying to learn Ardour.

Rony P.