Help needed: export appears to be unsigned, but all apps treat it as signed

I am using ardour 2.8.11 (built from revision 7387) the version current in Ubuntu 11.10 – I had used Ardour on this machine prior to upgrading to 11.x, but now I find that I cannot export to any useable formats, ALL formats create a file with a waveform that only moves in the plus direction from -1.0 – this is the same if I use wav, ogg or aiff, no matter what format I select, the file generated loads into audacity as only half the wave forms with the zero-line along the -1.0

what did I do wrong? more to the point, how can I correct this? the recorded tracks seem ok, I can playback (via jackd) from ardour, but the exports all end up as useless noise (I ‘normalized’ one in audacity and that’s where I discovered I was getting a half-wave based on -1.0) It is my guess that ardour is saving unsigned 32-bit regardless of the export settings, but the headers or some other information is forcing all apps to load it as signed, so the wave form never goes negative.

I have a screenshot showing the jackd and export settings along with the audacity display of the wave form; I don’t know if this forum allows attachments (there is no option for this on the current screen)

Scary-Hallo, teledyn: check out Dream Studio ( It’s Ubuntu based, but uses up-to-date custom builds of Ardour, etc.

The latest version, 11.10, is about a week away from release.

based on my own experience, “upgrading” is not a word I would use to describe moving to 11.10 - for anything, not just audio. I’ve no idea what’s fouled up this time but my advice would be to revert to a distribution that works properly. Perhaps even a more audio-specific distro.

@linuxdsp: What would be a more audio-specific distro? Arch?
My Ubuntu 10.4 is running out this year. I don’t want to go to 12.xx.


Try the official binary package from this website and see if the problem still happens? As linuxdsp alluded to Ubuntu packaging has been problematic in not so obvious way to say the least and the first step is to try the binary from here instead of the repos.


PS for screenshots etc. submit them to imagebin, img.ur, etc. and post a link here.


@Scary-Hallo: I would recommend A/V linux:

It’s debian based and supported by enthusiastic and helpful users (and maintainers - GMaq is also on this forum sometimes). It’s only 32Bit, but personally I don’t regard that as too much of a problem for most audio applications. You can try it from a live DVD without installing it, I’d definitely say you should try it out.

teledyn: contrary to the claim you made on the ubuntu forums, does not require that you pay $45 to download a binary from us. You can pay whatever you want, including nothing. I ask again that you try this version on your machine before continuing to blame ardour.