Help need for playback and transport

Is there a way to change playback speed like in youtube (2x 1.5x 0.5x) cause every time when i need to adjust the playback speed i will have to manually copy and change all needed tracks using stretch mode.

I do this mainly to analyze and learn the song with guitar.

There is no section header for it, but under the table of descriptions of the playback controls is a description of the Shuttle Speed Control, which is likely to do what you want and more. To get it to jump to exact values may be a bit more tricky, can’t remember if there are keyboard shortcuts available for that or not, but it wouldn’t take much to create a couple of basic LUA scripts and bind those instead most likely.

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AFAIK the Shuttle Speed Control alters also the pitch of the audio (like speeding up a tape would). In the OP is mentioned stretch mode: that means he most probably wants to change only the speed. He also references Youtube videos—where this is possible.

I would also like to have the possibility to change the reproduction speed without altering the pitch, actually.


Ahh good point, not sure why I didn’t think of that.


thank you for the feedback though yes i do use it like how Piergi has mentioned above.

You could load in Ardour’s master-bus. That plugin counter-balances pitch changes when using Ardour’s vari-speed wheel.

However for the case at hand (analyze and learn the song with guitar) you may find more useful (it’s packaged for most GNU/Linux distros).


And once again Robin has the tool to fix it…

That being said, I also agree with Robin that the answer is likely to use another player for learning the part and use Ardour for recording and editing.

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Thanks Robin Gareus just discovered x42-plugins they’re really simple and good.
The re pitch plug seem to do the trick but I’m only able to fast forward or rewind in Ardour.
Is there a way to do slow forward?

The stretch player is a useful utility but I load backing tacks,isolated tracks,original song and such in a session.I also like hearing my own playing so i usually record and play around with metronome.

I’m mostly doing this to be comfortable with Ardour.


I could use another player but this is easily doable in other daws so i thought i had missed some thing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Ah just found the way be able to slow forward.The quality of sound is a bit compromised but it works for quick listen but sadly I’ll have continue using stretch mode for proper sound quality.

Thanks to everyone in this forum.
Thank you all.

What about putting a rate shifter plugin on the track?

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rate shifter plugin?
could you recommend me one?

I think there are two included with Ardour, just take a look in the plugin browser.

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can’t find one only see pitch shifters.
what’s the name?

Ahh I’m tired of looking at all the work arounds.
The re-pitch plug seem to work good enough for quick listens.

Appreciate your suggestion though.

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