Help! midi out of sync immediately after recording!

I created a thread on Reddit and unfortunately, nobody could help me! I’ve included a link to the Reddit thread and a youtube video of the issue.


Reddit -

YouTube -

Could you describe in detail what you are recording (incl. connection information - a mixer screenshot may be helpful)?

Which Audio/MIDI backend you are using (menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup), which version of Ardour (menu > help > about), and on what OS?

Also how does it fail? – Usually Ardour moves regions back at rec-stop to compensate for I/O latency when recording.

I can’t post more than two links so here’s a paste bin full of the links to the screenshots! I apologise for the tediousness!

I’m not new to Ardour, but not at all good at this stuff. I’m pretty new to midi too. This could be a simple error on my part. As you can see in the video, once I stop recording it just shifts it, I don’t really know how to explain any better than that. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!

I’ve just lifted the “new user restrictions” (usually only happens after a while.


Odd that you managed to select different Input and Output devices. That can often lead to issues, but those are likely unrelated here.

This is normal. At rec-stop regions are aligned. Moved back in time to so that they match with material that was played back.

When you play, it takes a while until the signal reaches your earphones, and also capturing what you play arrives late. So Ardour compensates for that latency.

However there has recently (yesterday) a similar bug report with MIDI recording being overcompensated. Alas, they have not yet filed a bug report, and we’re yet to investigate this.

Meanwhile you might be able to work-around by disconnecting the MIDI track’s output (don’t connect it to master) while recording.

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Awesome links galore! I kid of course. I’ll try sticking with one in/out device, see if that changes anything ( I know it’s a longshot but I’ll try it regardless).
I’ll also test your suggestion now and get back to you. I’m glad it’s (hopefully) being looked into!

Unfortunately neither seem to work. I understand it’s a known issue and will likely be fixed soon, but would using a different midi system help?

Fixed! installed ASIO4ALL and it seemed to negate any latency issues!

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