Help me choose an alternate UI for Dream Studio

Dream Studio is currently based on stock Ubuntu 11.10, and as such, uses Unity as its default desktop. While I continue to believe that this is an excellent choice for first time users and those who may want an alternative to Windows or OSX, I realize that there are many users who have been using linux for some time and prefer one of the other DEs available.

I have posted a poll at the Dream Studio website, the results of which will determine the UI for an alternate installation of Dream Studio. Here’s the link:


From the outside looking in and as someone who has used and distributed LXDE for quite some time I will just comment that XFCE is great and with it’s built-in appllications is certainly the lightest of the “complete” desktops but it’s resource usage is actually very close to the now deprecated Gnome 2, LXDE uses the same GTK2 themes and runs in about 33% less RAM than XFCE does on the average.

Certainly the RAM usage is only one of many contributing factors involved with how to best decide on a D.E.

macinnisrr I applaud your wise decision to offer your excellent work in something other than Unity. My comments are not to influence anyones vote simply to point out that the ‘light’ desktops actually vary quite significantly.

Ok, I placed my vote in for XFCE, don’t know if you wanted it kept secret, but I think XFCE is less resource hungry while keeping a familiarity to gnome. I’m surprised that many people have voted for KDE.

Good luck!