HELP! I just lost my sound in the middle of my almost finished song!!! Have no clue what happened...

K, so I was editing my song today, and it was starting to sound good, I was 90% finished. I walked away from my computer for a while, and it went into sleep mode. (something I try to avoid doing with ardour up, as it sometimes makes random things go wonky…).

Anyhow, I come back to listen through it again, and at around 3:30, the sound cuts out. All the little level indicators are still bobbin like they’re supposed to, but no audio. And I mean no audio at all. Even once I back up to the beginning again (which was JUST working, still nothing.) I can’t get any more sound from any part of the project. If I try to play anything from 3:30-3:35 this will happen. If I start the track after that, it plays to the end just fine. If I stop the track before that point, it plays fine. (It’s effecting the exporting too btw). Restarting JACK doesn’t do anything. If I restart ardour, or switch to another snapshot, the audio comes back, but only until it reaches that stinking 3:30 mark.

Some snapshots work fine, but my two most recent ones both have the problem. I put in about three hours of work on this song today…I really don’t want to do it all again. Pleeease help me :frowning:

@kmartin: what does the JACK DSP load look like during the 3:30-3:35 section? Its shown in the display window of qjackctl and at the top/bottom of the ardour window (depending on whether you are on Linux or OS X). What (if any) plugins are you using?

Sir, I officially love you. Sorry for being such so dunb, but you have fixed my problem! DSP load was almost 15% when the crash happened. I was using some compressors and reverbs, and I had a couple unnecessary plugins going by accident too. I removed all the plugins, and now it works fine!

15 % DSP load should be no problem at all. I’d bet it was one of the plugins you used. You could also what jack reports when this happens (via the qjackdctl messaged if you are using it or via the console output of jack).
But good that it works again :slight_smile:

Actually, I figured out what happened. I assumed 15% was too much, cause I’m using a crappy old PC. (just got my new i7 laptop a couple weeks ago, haven’t switched over yet :D). Once I took out all the plugins, it played, but there was a hiccup. I found a gain automation on one track that shot all the way down to minimum and back up again. Idk how it got there, but I took it out, and it’s working fine again, even with all the plugins. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

Hello, I have had a quit similar problem a few days ago.

I am using Ardour 2.8.11 on AVLinux. I have mixed a song and everything works fine. Then, one day I load this song in ardour in order to work on it, but playing the song I hear nothing but I see all the meters lightening, except the master metering!
First idea: check audio setup, but everthings fine. For instance hydrogen works fine with jack. Then I start to soloing my tracks one after another in Ardour. If I soloing a track, I hear the recorded music of this track. After trying around, I found out, that in a bus I am using a DJEQ plugin. If I delete this plugin, everything works fine and I hear every audio track, else, with the plugin I hear nothing, if this plugin is in the bus. (In fact not each audio track is routed through this bus, but if the plugin is active, it seems that nothing reaches the master bus?)

I don’t know whats going wrong because this plugin first works.I have replaced the EQ and now I have no problems with this song.

@tsindt: you might find these work quite well :slight_smile: