help! // cannot open mix


i am trying to open a mix and get the following message on start-up:

“AudioEngine: cannot register port “radio_9 left/out 2”: unknow error.”

i am using:
ardour 2.5
qjackctl 0.3.2
rme hammerfall sound card
ubuntu 8.04

is there any way i can save this session?

any help greatly appreciated!

can anyone help me on this?


better join he irc channel for such a problem. Or post a link to your .ardour file, hopefully someone will have a look into it.


hi benjamin

thanks for your reply.

i’ve posted the .ardour file at the following link:

would be great if someone could have a look at this and let me know if there is some way to open the file.


hallo jaskah,

here is the link to the modified session file:

hope that helps!


thanks so much, i really appreciate your help!
i will give this a try.

what was the problem?