Hello Ardour

It took my several days to prepare installing ardour, but I haven’t use it yet. So many problem came to me, although I’m a freshman about Linux.
But I’ll try my best to solve these problem, because I regard Audour is the best Digital Audio Workstation.
Hello Ardour!

I just use aptitude to finish the install work… aptitude is so talent!

man! Im walking this same way that you are now. Im begginer too. I started preparing one week ago. Just last night I finally could install Ubuntu 32bit with Wubi and change it to Dream. I thought it was ended and was going to start my work on Ardour when I realized that Ive already updated packages grub-pc and grub-common. Maybe there will be trouble coming because of this.

Whats ur problem at the time being?

We having All this trouble to have a stable system using Ardour. hahaha. When it gonna end?

the easiest way to run ardour for the first time is actually using a live distro like avlinux or the (a bit outdated) pure dyne or something like that, it works out of the box, and you get familliar with linux and sound production on linux quite well. and meanwhile you can configure your installed version …

Ha! I prefer Mint to Ubuntu, so that I choose Linux Mint Debian…

I used SCons to build and install Ardour like the way in the page of ardour.org/buiding. But when I try to use Ardour, it told me that JACK didn’t found although it does exist.

But when I use aptitude, it installed some packages with the name of “jack”, although I had installed “libjack-jackd2-dev” package before.

After use “aptitude install ardour”, I could open the GUI of ardour2.(Maybe I would used some wrong terms in Linux and ardour).

Next, I’ll learn some audio engineer and Linux software architecture - it’s quite necessary!