Hello all just put up a new website geared towards linux audio and video

My hope with this is to give new people (and old) to the linux world a way to search and find info on audio and video devices using linux. It is a try and I would like to enlist anyone who has an audio card or video gear to list your sound card and put up pics. It will be a place to also rate them! I want to help support Ardour in this effort to make this recording platform as easy to use and with good knowledge about the gear you will use as possible. (on linux of course) OSX and Windows has great influence and also has great driver support so I want linux to have that also.

Anybody who is interested can head to to help or browse! I hope we can change the linux world by giving a central area for Audio and Video info and support.

Thank You,

Dominic Kaiser

this is a link for a tread on the italian ubuntu forum http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php/topic,285007.0.html
i think that is useful for you… i a list of audio device linux compatible… good lucky

Just realized I did not put the website link in : www.linuxavdb.org

Thanks Again,

Dominic Kaiser

M-Audio Delta series (2496, 44, 66, 1010).
RME Multiface (both I and II).

There are some very good class-compliant USB devices which should work in linux eg Sound Devices Usbpre2, RME UCX. Would be interesting to hear from someone who’s tried them.

I looked at your website which is a great idea, though there are already a number of linux-compatible lists like http://wiki.linuxmusicians.com/doku.php?id=hardware_matrix
I was also wondering about the Apogee Duet which you give a rating of 5. Does this work on Linux? According to the ffado website http://www.ffado.org/?q=node/734 the support status for this device is “unknown”. If this does actually work in Linux, I might suggest you make a report to ffado.

Ah yes the website is still alpha to beta stage and that is a mistake. I will change that. Need people to post gear and give feed back. I will take a look at the other websites. I am slowly adding to the site but let me know your thoughts they are always welcome.