Heavy distortion after recording clean track


When i recorded the bassline for the track i am currently working on, just to get a feeling of Ardour and learn how to use it, i recorded it clean in three tracks simultaneously with the intention of adding effects later on two of them.

The most important effect i want is a distotion effect for it that makes the bass sound like it’s heavily distorted, but still with a feeling that it gives you out the tone that you put in. For anyone who heard the Muse song “Hysteria”, you know what i mean. I can’t seem to find any satisfying LADSPA effects. They give me either just minor distotions or it sounds like the input level of the recording is too high for the device to handle.

The other track, i wanted to have an effect that makes it an octave higher than the base recording. I found one effect that could do this, but I could not for the life of me get it to modulate it exactly one octave (It was close, but still far enough away to make it sound bad.)

If anyone has any tips on plugins that can make these kinds of effects, then i will be most grateful. I have tried many LADSPA effects for both situations, so if you suggest a common LADSPA effect, please give a hint to how I should set the settings to get a good sound.

My 2 cents: Try to record your “true sound” as much as you can. Bass distortion? Throw a Big Muff or a Turbo Rat on there! I’ve always been of the opinion that anything I can do to allow the DAW to just record the better. Move mics,EQ,and try to capture the live sound.