Hearable cracks when looping MIDI or audio region

I am rather new to Ardour and music production in general, just playing around and getting comfortable with that incredible tools.
Whenever I add a MIDI track and play some notes on e.g. ZynAddSubFX, loop that region to adjust stuff in ZynAddSubFX, I can notice some cracks in the sound. It seems that those appear only on the beginning on the loop, although not at loop start.
I then recorded the ZynAddSubFX generated audio to a audio track.
There the cracks still appear, but not as often as on the MIDI track.
I exported the audio track to a FLAC file, and there I can not hear it. There is only the “pop” when the player starts.

Is this something I can expect? That there are artefacts in the beginning of a region when looping them?

KR, Chris

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Same here, it seems to depend on the synth I use though. It does only happen after the loop comes around. If I take the midi region and paste them in sequence, all is fine. It is also a bit intermittent. Will update this post once I nail it down.

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