headphone use

How do I setup a headphone , I want to hear everything by the speakers but also by the headphone
and is it possible to mute some recorded channels only for the headphone.
For example I want to record voice but do not want to hear the voice channel by the headphone but it must be heard by the speakers.


I think I have to make a bus for the headphone?

hello antonvdh

Yes you can create a bus and make sends (pre fade) for all tracks you need in it

like this you can make a specific mix for headphones

don’t forget to validate your sends by mouse middle click

hello hronstve & anthonyroach654

at this moment it work for me with my FA-101
after I have created the bus, sends etc
I route the bus by “3/4 outputs” of my FA-101to headphones amplifier (because I have one)
and I keep the mix by “1/2 outputs” to monitors

more simple, I can do the same with inverted config:
I route my mix by “3/4 outputs” to monitors for example
I route my bus by “1/2 outputs”, so I plug directly my headphone in “phones output”

I have more than one physical L&R output with my audio card to do that

Hi Fanch,

I followed your idea and it did not work first until I followed your instruction like routing the bus by 3/4 outputs so on and so forth. I’ve read your post about a week ago and tried it but failed and just today, when I tried doing this, it now works fine. Thanks!


Hi fanch,

I was about to use your idea. I did what you have suggested on the time I set up my headphone, but my problem is that it doesn’t work. I can’t hear anything. Is there anything I skip from the procedures you’ve posted in here?

Best Regards,

Hello Fanch,

Is there any other way on how to fix the problem? I also tried to use your suggestion but it’s not working. I can’t hear anything after I set up my headphone.