HD capabilities problem with Ardour3 but fine with Ardour2 on the same system


So i want to record a lot of tracks at the same time from Hydrogen to Ardour3.5 using Jack-transport, Hydrogen being the master and Ardour3 being the slave.

With Ardour2 it works very fine without any Xruns after that i set “track-buffer-seconds” at a value of 25 in the ardour.rc file.

With Ardour3 i have a few Xruns and the record stops after a while telling me that my hard drive is not quick enough.

I tried to increase the value of “capture-buffer-seconds”, but even at 45 it doesn’t improve anything.
With a value of 200 it’s better but still the HD problem occurs before the end of the 4 minutes song.

Am i right to try to increase this value ?

Knowing that it works perfectly well with Ardour2 for the same song, I’m wondering if there is something i forgot to set correctly in Ardour3, so what could it be ?


Have you made any changes to your CPU performance settings? I find A3 is much less forgiving of this than A2…

The CPUs are set on “performance” all the time in both cases. I never change this setting.

What latency are you running Jack with? For your process you do not need low-latency so increace frame/period if possible. Another strategy would be to record the hydrogen tracks in more than one pass - a bit tedious, but might help.

Yes i thought about to record in more than one pass, but then it would be more efficient to stick to Ardour2 as it works really well. And first i wanted to investigate about how to make Ardour3 working properlly for my needs.

Anyway, you’re right increasing the latency from 128 to 4096 fix the problem. Ardour still shows this message about the HD not being quick enough but it doesn’t stop and it finishes to record properly. So i’ll stick to these settings to record Hydrogen’s tracks and i’ll be back to a 128 latency to record the real instruments later.

Thanks a lot Edward and GMaq for your help.