Having problems with fades

I am on Manjaro Xfce and Ardour 7, no problems here with fades.

this is very mysterious! i wonder if i have something set incorrectly in ardour’s preferences. i can’t understand why i can’t get this to work properly.

If it’s about settings, you’re not alone having those settings…

Did you try making fades > 7 seconds or so? I’m on Manjaro KDE and in Ardour 7.1 fades do not stick if they are longer than about 7 seconds, but jumps back to a seemingly random position.

I made a video screenshot, accessible here

I have this exact same problem on both Ardour 7.1 and Mixbus 8. Older major versions (6 & 7 respectively) work just fine. Running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (w/ Gnome but changing window manager to something simple doesn’t seem to change anything). Happens with both old and new sessions. Weird bug that renders the fades unusable.

Same problem with Ardour 7.1 on Ubuntu 22.04. On Ardour 6.9 works fine.

Folks, please understand that “me too!” reports for a bug like this do not help anyone.

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We believe this is fixed (for real this time) in the nightly builds.

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