Having issues with VST and LV2 plugin detection

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 and installed 6.9 via Flatpak.

I’m trying to use ninjas2 with Ardour. I compiled both the LV2 and VST plugins on my machine. After installing them to the prefix /usr/local/, I did a plugin scan; the scan did not find the plugins. I then decided to add a custom VST3 path in Ardour’s Preferences to directly where the plugin is in my home directory; that did not work either. At this point, I’m pretty stumped and would like some help.

Flatpak is in a security sandbox. I think Flatpak Ardour can only find Flatpak plugins. The Ardour developers do not build the Flatpak version and so do not support that. Use a standard build for plugins that are not in Flatpak.

Ninjas2 is available as a flatpak extension (the only way to install DAW plugins to use with flatpak Ardour). To install, run:

flatpak install org.freedesktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins.Ninjas2//21.08

As already noted, please remind that the Ardour Devs do not support the Ardour flatpak.

Thanks, Chris, jmaibaum!

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