having a stable version of Ardour?

Hi there!

Since it’s a fact that FLOSS software are delivered without any guarantee,
Since anybody cares anyones’ subscription from years,
Since any people who likes to make music with Ardour have to make it work by itself,
Since some distros tends to do it,

Is it a way to have a stable Ardour version?
Goal is to:
-record & edit MIDI tracks
-record & edit audio tracks
-mix all of them & export

Ardour 4.7.0 included in AVLinux was used a couple of hours before writing here.
Same version from Ardour site get same result:
using the mouse scroll to zoom in/out in the location zone is so/too many times scratching Ardour.

Sorry if that post sounds “agressive”, but 'cause Ardour wasn’t “buyed” in an U-liberal fashion there’s no “SAV-in french-”

To chill out, any idea will be really welcomed!
Have a nice WE;

You think that changing the kernel will resolve this problem?
Only if the problem has a very specific cause. It might not make any difference at all. On an AV Linux system, all you settings will be correct for running Ardour. I'm using AV Linux myself, on different hardware. I'll try the zooming thing and see what happens...

Thanks for your reply,
4.1.5-rt5-avl2 is the kernel included in AVLinux 2016, it runs Xfce4 with Xfwm4, on VGA Intel core processor integrated graphics controller.
Sometimes during play, just clic on the location zone (where tempo, marks, loops… ‘lives’) makes Ardour crash.
You think that changing the kernel will resolve this problem?

As your problem is triggered by zooming, I’d guess it’s a video driver issue, so the next question is: what graphics and X.org driver are you using (and maybe what kernel: for example the proprietary nvidia driver doesn’t work properly with a realtime kernel).

Other kernels are available with AV Linux so there is room for experimentation there.

Thanks for the time you take :slight_smile:
From my side have compiled Ardour from source, but it’s the same. I’ll now try with the .run file from the site

When launch Ardour_32bit-4.7.0.run, system says:

WARNING: GCC4/5 libstdc++ ABI Mismatch
Ardour was compiled with gcc4, your system uses a newer version of the
standard c++ library. Plugins on your system may not load or plugin-UIs
may cause crashes.
Continue anyway? [y/n]:

typing y and the install finished ok
I’ll try it and let you know

Hmm, it crashes when I clic on the location zone. transport was on stop, and zoom in near the maximum value.
Could it be GCC4/5 warning invoked by the installer?



IRC is a much better place to discuss issues like this than a web forum.