Having a hard time to install Ardour on Linux - Endless OS


I’m having a hard time installing Ardour on my Linux Endless OS computer. When I write the commands specified on ardour - the digital audio workstation it simply doesn’t work.

The message I receive:

Creating link Ardour6 in /usr/local/bin
Can not create link because /usr/local/bin does not exist

Can someone help me, please?

Well this sounds like your distribution does not follow the standard folder structure just about every other distribution follows.

give me the output of ls /usr/ and ls /usr/local ? Just type the commands as the exist between the backticks (Without the backticks themselves). If you get a permission denied error than preceed the command with sudo.


That’s fine, you can ignore that. The only downside is that in order to launch Ardour from a terminal, you then have to use the complete path: /opt/Ardour-6.8.0/bin/ardour6

Desktop and menu launchers are not affected.

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