Have bus be muted for specific measures

Hi! So I am writing a song for myself and a friend, and I want it to have a grungy sound so I decided to use the Calf Tape Simulator. I added in some nice cassette insert and pulling out sound effects, the problem is that with the plugin, the hissing of the tape is always there, even when there’s no sound. I have all my audio and midi instruments outputting to one bus, which has the Tape Simulator, and that outputs to master. I have my effects track going to a different bus. How can I mute the effects bus for specific measures? And if I can’t, is there an alternative way to get this effect?

Maybe can you automate the mix(dry/wet) of the plugin as you wishes during the song?

You could automate mute or the fader of the effects-bus (or maybe the plugin itself has an automatable bypass control).

e.g. show the automation lane, using the "A"utomation button on the track-header, then use the draw-tool (press “d”) and add some points where the bus should be muted, and finally enabled automation playback:


see also: https://manual.ardour.org/mixing/automation/controlling-a-track-with-automation/


Hi! Thank you so much! This helped a ton and allowed me to get the exact sound I was looking for! I really appreciate this! Have a nice day!

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