Has somebody tried jacklab?


has anybody tried the jacklab distribution which is based on openSuSE (http://jacklab.org)? Would be interesting since as far as I understand they claim, they can use Windows-VST plugins from Linux with the help of Wine.

This was one of the issues which stopped me to change to Linux for audio recording, but if this works, I would give it a try…

You don’t need Jacklab for this. Any Linux system with Wine can be used in the same way. You may need to update Wine, you might want the Wine ASIO “driver” too. Its a different approach than the “native” approach we’ve tried to offer with Ardour (though that is still based on Wine), but it has a number of merits.

I see. Anyway, I have to reinstall a suitable Linux Distribution, I already downloaded the Fedora 6 and Planet CCRMA when I cam across Jacklab. Since I’m familiar with the SuSE distros Jacklab catched my eye.

Audio looks promising now on Linux. I found some interesting things the last days:

  • Firewire Audio seems to work now
  • Ardour will soon have MIDI stuff
  • There are sf2 and giga samplers for Linux available
  • available plugins are growing
    so most things I need are available. I’ll have a look…

Gotta give Arch Linux a plug here :slight_smile:

Give it a shot!