Harrison Vst´s Crashes

I have a problem with the Harrison VST that comes preferably in Ardour during installation when I start an empty session just to check I choose a plugin Harrison Equalizer for example I want to see your graphics or UI and automatically closes Ardour I clarify I do not own OpenGL only Directx12 do not know if this has something to do ?..

So hopefully Ben will jump in here at some point, but yes the plugins use OpenGL I believe, that being said, pretty much every graphics card supports it to my knowledge, and should fail back to CPU rendering IIRC. So unless you have completely removed all traces of OpenGL manually I would be amazed if it wasn’t supported on your system. But hey it i has been a while since I used Windows on a regular basis for anything other than DSP programming or running very specialized apps, so maybe things ahve changed and I missed it.


This issue is usually solved by updating the Windows graphic-cards drivers to the latest version.

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I have a similar problem on Linux mit Harrison-Plugins, for which I have purchased a license.

Nathan from Harrison answered me after some back and forth that the problem will probably be solved in the next version. So wait!

@Daniel_Cevallos when you said “VSTs” do you mean Harrison’s AVA plugins? or the XT-* plugins that are bundled with Ardour and Mixbus (which are not VST but LV2 plugins)?

I expect @MichaelSchramm refers to a different issue: Harrison AVA plugins on Linux (to which Nathan suggested that a JUCE update might help to address some issues).

There are no updates planned to Harrison XT-* plugins on Windows. They generally work well, and so far in all cases where there have been issues, updating the Windows graphics drivers solved it.

What it a JUCE update?

I was referring to the XT-* add-ons so if you tell me that there are no problems then it must be my drivers and there would be something more technical and I wouldn’t know how to solve it so I uninstalled Ardour and reinstalled without those add-ons.

The AVA plugins are made with a framework to build plugins which is called JUCE:

The version of that framework that Harrison uses to create AVA plugins has some issues, and once Harrsion builds the plugins with an updated version of JUCE those should be solved.

The XT-* plugin are quite different and entirely unrelated to the AVA plugins (and also not uses any 3rd party framework).

Have you verified that your drivers are actually the latest available?
Are you using the drivers which came with Windows, or did you install a driver package from the video card manufacturer?

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