Harrison TTC-1 TouchOSC layout for Ardour/Mixbus

Hi all!

For the upcoming version 3.1 of Mixbus, we’ve added some very rich OSC ( Open Sound Control ) features which will allow apps like TouchOSC and Lemur to control Ardour and Mixbus remotely.

As a “proof of concept”, Harrison developed a nice ergonomic layout for managing a recording session from your tablet. We’re publishing this layout for our users to use, and tweak, using TouchOSC (http://hexler.net/software/touchosc) for Android and iOS:

The OSC implementation for this controller is already in Ardour’s git repository, and I’ll be posting the TTC-1 “layout” when we launch Mixbus v3.1. It will be free to download for Ardour/Mixbus users to use and modify ( although you’ll need to purchase the TouchOSC application for your tablet )

Let me know what you think!

-Ben at Harrison

It looks very nice. Thank you!

Why everything with text and no fancy icons? But looks neat. :slight_smile:

But will it work with the CP-1?

sonnie: what fancy icon conveys “Move forward 1 video frame” or “Lock to external timecode”?

Take a tour to other controllers or remotes (touch and hardware).
Just example: Maybe an analog film frame and +1? Just be a little creative. :slight_smile: