Harrison Multiband Compressor - Summer sale

For the next few days, Harrison’s XT-MC Mutiband Compressor is on sale for only $55.99

Harrison plugins have been bundled with Ardour for nearly a year now, and it’s been a very successful collaboration! Our plugins work on Mac, Windows and Linux: so if you create an Ardour session using our plugins, your mixes will translate to any other system perfectly.

The XT-MC uses advanced DSP from our large-format consoles and a custom GUI. The “demo” works fully in Ardour; but the plugin’s GUI control panel will fade to black after a few seconds of use. You can purchase a license on our web store to fully enable the control panel.

More details about the XT-MC, including video, can be found on our web site:

Click this link to purchase the plugin for $55.99:
(this offer is valid until July 4)


P.S. As part of our outreach to the open-source community, Ardour developers (including translators and midi-map contributors ) are often eligible for free plugins at Harrison. Write us at: mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com if this applies to you.