Harrison Mixbus

Kind of been eyeing Harrison Mixbus once I get some stuff setup for a more stationary home studio setup. Any thoughts, opinions, experiences?

I use it a lot, like it very much, is a DAW that simplifies a lot the Mixing part of the process, at least for me it’s been very good, its also very good on the recording and simple editing.

I mainly use Mixbus unless i have to do multi take recording-editing, in that case i use whatever latest version of Ardour is out, once i’ve edited, do a stem export and go to Mixbus.

A benefit i’ve got to like about mixbus is that being multi platform i can have it on my Linux/Windows equipped Laptop and use whatever interface i want for multi track recording on Windows(since support on linux is so limited on both Firewire and Usb, sometimes the interface i believe i want or need for X job is not a Linux supported one…) and i record directly on an external USB HDD and open the session on Linux back in the studio.

Thanks guys; looks like that will probably be on the shopping list after some other key components fall into place (mixing console, pci interface, etc.)

@thorgal: i use a USB hard drive with 2 NTFS partitions, the first one is for record so its around 30 GB in my case, i do it like that trying to ensure the best performance on recording, however a USB 2 hard drive writes around 20-30 MB/s, we only need it to write around 6 MB/s for a 16 track recording (correct me some one if i’m wrong but thats what i calculated… heh…)

@seablad: i do a stem export after editing in stacked layers mode in Ardour 3 (sorry i mentioned, had to) which is not supported in mixbus (or Ardour 2), but when i record directly on mixbus on Windows, then yes i just open the session back in Mixbus Linux, it always gives me some errors the first time i open it but then it’s ok.

Bandwidth needed for recording depends not only on track count but what sample rate and bit depth you are recording in, so noone can correct you without knowing that;)

I didn’t realize you were using A3, ok in that case you are completely correct, Mixbus doesn’t support A3 sessions anda stem export is needed.



You shouldn’t even need to do a stem export for the record, just open the original session in Mixbus if needed, that is what I do quite often for live recordings where I am recording 20-40 tracks at a time in Ardour and then open it up in Mixbus.

Mixbus is great for stereo destined material in my opinion, I have been using it to edit and mix several projects (A mixture of video and audio, more video these days) every week these days due primarily to the workflow I attain in it allowing me to work rather quickly.


Just curious, what’s the filesystem on the USB HDD ?

I use Mixbus and love it. Wholeheartedly recommend it.