Harrison Mixbus 2.2 only lets me create 11 tracks and i need 33

hi all, just upgraded to mixbus 2.2 and when i try to import files the editor / mixer will only create 11 tracks and i need 33 … i do see all the tracks in the audio files folder …

have had ardour and mixbus for 5 years now but just got back to looking at mixbus

thank you for any help in advance


Do you have any other info? Platform?

I run Mixbus all the time with track counts higher than 11.

That shouldn’t really happen, Mixbus just as Ardour is unlimited track-bus DAW.

Nothing hidden maybe? or your system is somehow force-locking Mixbus to display, show or create all the tracks?

Can you see scrollbars in Main canvas and mixer windows?

More info as Ricardus about your system would help.

The limit on tracks is typically caused by the number of JACK ports available. If you use Jack2/JackOSX the default is typically rather small.

@Paul Yes but I don’t think it is so small as to only create 11 tracks.

As Ricardus says, need more info, although I am assuming you are on OS X since you are posting here. Is there any output to Ardour’s error console? Otherwise open up the system console (Applications>Utilities>Console.app) press CLEAR, then open Mixbus and try to create > 11 tracks and paste the contents here surrounded by PRE tags. Thanks.