Harmony Seq

(Joegiampaoli) #1

Just wanted to share this with you guys in case some of you have not seen it, I just discovered it yesterday, pretty nice…

(Valerio Orlandini) #2

HarmonySEQ is a tiny but great piece of software. I discovered it a month ago and it suddenly entered in my favourites list!

(Paul Davis) #3

wow, that seems particularly tasty. i think i’ll refer to it as “jarre-in-a-box” if that’s OK with its author :))

(Joegiampaoli) #4

Yeah let me get my shades and laser harp out of the closet…

(Gerhard) #5

joegiampaoli, thanks for that GREAT hint !

That was exactly what I was searching for my music all the time. I installed it today without ANY problems into my AVLinux, it ran just out of the box.

That piece of software gives me an inspriation kick, I can use that in several parts of my “Z-World” zombie opera.


Prof Knaakenbroed