Hardware to choose for big config

Hi all,

a friend proposed to me an Intel SR1530CLR Rack Server:

2x Intel Quad Core Xeon 5420 2.5 GHz 12 Mb cache L2

I’m going to use RME Multiface II as a starting point.

Is it a good solution for me ?

Is it a better solution to spend money on a Mobo with Core 2 Quad Q9XXX?

I would really appréciate your help on this.

Thanks and long life to Ardour.

Rack servers are optimized for operation in a data center. In other words: It will be loud as hell. So unless the machine is at least two rooms away: Forget about it.

What you really want is a super silent system. You can achieve this by carefully tuning vents or by using water cooling.

Any further recommendation about the system setup would be pure speculation as it is unknown what you are planning to do with the system.