hardware question?

I am sure this has been asked a million and a half times, but…
I want to multitrack with guitar, bass, vocals, and a drum machine. I now use a guitar port to interface with the windows based program i currently use (Krystal audio).
What hardware would be affordable, and best to use? I have read that the guitar port will not work.
I am trying to set up a cheap and affordable home studio and am looking to start using a linux based system.
Thanks for the advice!!

I’m a serious linux/Ardour newbie, but I know you can simply use a direct box to interface with your line level inputs. Then use some sort of amp modeler/etc. plugin to get your sound. There is some impedence mismatching, but it works in a pinch.

There are piles of USB interfaces out there. I believe that USB is pretty well supported.

I’ve made a bunch of passable amateur recordings with my motherboard’s onboard audio hardware, although that’s a pretty half-assed solution. You can use both line level inputs (left and right), the mic input (with some configuration), and simply pre-record your drum tracks. Not ideal, but possible. As cheap as it gets.