Hardware DB for Linux

Hey All,

Would it be helpful to have a hardware database for audio interfaces, midi controllers, etc… that work with your flav of linux in Ardour? If this would not be the best site to do it I can create a Drupal site to do that on the side. This is a common question I see alot and would like your thoughts. I have bought two copies of mixbus and handed them to friends as a gifts and they have asked the same question. (being windows users) So I am hand holding them through a Linux OS and Ardour and my thoughts have turned to helping people out broader also. Just my thoughts and would like to know if that would be helpful?


Dominic Kaiser

Have you seen the alsa soundcard matrix? http://www.anime.net/~goemon/alsa/

Maybe you could help out with that. I think a list like this is very important for new recruits to linux. When new people consider trying out linux as an audio platform one of the big questions is: does it support my interface, or the kind of interfaces I might want to buy next? The soundcard matrix must be kept up to date and should have good, accessible information. A search function would be nice, for example.

@dkudos: there is already work that has been done on this multiple times.

For ALSA and USB devices, the canonical source is: http://alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main
For Firewire devices, the canonical source is: http://ffado.org/?q=devicesupport/list

Other people have attempted to do more “graphical” sites. The Linux Audio Users mailing list has references to some of these efforts and is a more appropriate place to discuss it.

That is true there is alsa and ffado websites I will take a look there and get back to you guys on this one. I do not know if they are the best place for this. Thanks for the info and will do more research so as not to recreate the wheel. :wink: