Happy to introduce my first releases

Hi guys. Al last, I’ve published my songs on the major platforms. I have only two songs so far, but I’m gonna make more releases in the following months. Every song has been produced with Ardour and open licensed plugins. The song “See the signs” is an earlier work, and the sound is not as good as I would like to be. The other “Dreams World” has a better sound quality, as I have improved my skills in the recording and mixing process. They are two hard rock tunes, that i hope you enjoy. These are the links.


I like your choice of sounds (especially guitars) and the arrangement of composition of Dreams World. I like (even prefer) the old school early metal sound of See the Signs, I think your drum mixing improved a lot since it. I think that in both tracks, vocal harmonies could use some improvement - I say this as (hopefully) constructive criticism, because overall they are nice tracks.

What plugins did you use?

Thank you. I appreciate the compliments and the critics, as well, Even more the later, cause it makes yourself to try better the next time. I agree I’ve not achieved that wide, huge and lush vocal harmonies that I had in my mind when creating the song. In “Dreams World” I was aiming at something like “Since you been gone” by Rainbow, but in the end I stayed halfway to that sound. There are other parts that I’m proud of, like the ending of the first chorus “… will you ever wake up…” and the bridge with a kinda angelical voice “sweet illusions…” adding lot of reverb to contrast wtith the rest of the main vocals (it’s my 11 year old boy who is singing that part, actually).
In the other song, there’s the “a capella” part, in which I was trying to replicate some kind of Queen stuff. But with a rather disappointing results. Ha, ha.
I’m glad that you have listened with such attention. Thanks a lot, mate.

About the plugins. In EQ, I use almost entirely EQ10Q plugins. In Compressors, CS10Q by the same author, and ZAM compressor as well. In reverbs all are Dragonfly Reverbs. About Delays, saturation, modulations, etc, I’m not with my PC now, and I don’r remenber exactly. I’ll see if I check this out later and give you the list more accurately.

Hi, if anyone want to follow me in Instagram, here is the link. Well, I guess the link is ok. I’m a noob with the social networks.

Nice work ! I like the sound ! Dreams World would be my favorite.
Don’t hesitate to bring the vocals forward a little next time (personal taste :wink: )
Keep it up !

Thanks. I appreciate your suggestion.