Hangar18 Sessions


Over the spring break I had the opportunity to record ‘Hangar18’ a band my son plays drums in. Over a couple of full afternoons we were able to get 3 originals and a cover down using Ardour 3.5.357 and a Presonus 1818VSL which performed flawlessly on AV Linux 6.0.3.

Session is here: https://soundcloud.com/hangar18

I have bought the Presonus 1818VSL too - I am pretty impressed with it. First I wanted to wait until the Scarlett 18i20 had stable Linux drivers, but I needed the interface earlier and bought the Presonus.

Do you have any idea if the Virtual StudioLive Software is working under Linux ? Would be great if I didn’t need Windows just for this.


Unfortunately under Linux you’ll have to go without the VSL which is regrettable because it obviously adds to the considerable pricetag of these units but as you know choices of 8 inputs with USB are VERY limited under Linux and I was just thankful that it was class compliant enough to just work. In my personal experience I found that an RT Kernel was a necessity to get latency and Xruns down to a manageable level (AV Linux 6.0.3 comes with an RT option ready to install). I also noted that unless you route Audio to output channels 7 and 8 there is no output from the headphone jack on the unit itself.