Hands Free Comping

Found these instructions for comping on a post a little while ago. Problem is I’ve followed them and they don’t seem to work. Play loop range works find when I’m not recording, however when I am recording, the take starts at the beginning of the loop, but doesn’t repeat, just keeps on going?

  1. Add track, right click on it and set layers to stacked (this is when using Ardour 3)
  2. Arm track
  3. Set a loop range
  4. Press record
  5. Press “play loop range”
  6. Play your take, let it loop and record again until you get a good take

I’ve posted this in another section of forum and have been told that past responses to this question have been ‘Ardour is not meant to work like this’ It seems a fairly important part of music production and is available in most other DAWs I believe, so how about including it in future?