Hammond Fried Eggs (feat. Dave Williams)


Here’s a funky soul organ instrumental I wrote years ago with Booker T. & the MG’s in mind… then my friends Dave Williams (Hammond Organ) and Peter Cox (bass) got ahold of it and just made it nasty!

“Hammond Fried Eggs”

Dave Williams - Hammond L100
Peter Cox - Bass
Glen MacArthur - Guitar, Percussion
Avi L. Blaqpearl - Drums

Hammond Fried Eggs MP3


That was awesome! The overdubbed Organ and Bass parts definitely took center stage - but still maintained that live energy.

Very good vibes and nice playing! Sounded very organic to me, as if everyone were playing together in the same room. Nice reference to Booker T. too.

I assume the drums are MIDI but I heard some fills that striked me. Were they done with a MIDI keyboard or you just draw note by note?

Hi @pdechery!

I see you posted a blues tune but I haven’t made time to listen yet but I will!

Yes the drums are MIDI and were done in Hydrogen with the AVL-Drumkits Black Pearl, as far as the fills everything was drawn with a mouse but I also play drums in one of my bands but I rarely play drums on recordings unless they are live so I try to program what I would play to a degree.

In truth this recording spans over 15 years or more… the guitar take is the only remaining part from the original demo. I just replace parts as better options come along but I think I can let go of it now (I hope)

I often hear that this drum app is better than that drum app because of ‘grouped this’ or ‘round robin that’ or ‘algorithm’d something else’… These drums were programmed without ‘groups’ or ‘round robin’ samples or ‘humanization algorithms’ in Hydrogen and recorded into Ardour on a stereo track and processed from there, they weren’t fanned into individual tracks and separately processed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above listed features and if the User relies on them than that is not a problem of course…but… A little care and time and understanding of how drummers actually play can also yield good results even with modest sample sets….

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Great tune and great energy. I listened to the song with Beyerdynamic DT-990’s and the organ seems a bit loud and overpowering other instruments especially the drums (which are great by the way).

Great work as always, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi GMaq,

I’ve re-listened the song paying more attention to the drums and I think what you said about being a drummer and therefore making good use of sequencers is right. Those fills sounded very rich and organic to me.

Besides being a fun listen, It shows how one be creative with these tools. Very nice work!