Hammerfall AES 32 and delta 1010s?

does anyone know if it’s possible to use 2 M-Audio delta 1010 breakout boxes with a Hammerfall AES 32 card for a total of 16 inputs? if that doesn’t work, we’re either going to have to custom compile a kernel or drop a shit ton of cash on a Hammerfall card AND breakout boxes, so before i commit to sinking deeper into the swamp of debt i thought i’d come here and make absolutely sure.

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Do you mean connect the 1010 breakout box to the hammerfall card? No way! They are totally different interfaces altogether. The Delta 1010 “breakout box” is far more than a breakout box. It contains for example the A/D and D/A converters.

Do you mean can you use a Delta 1010 and AES 32 soundcards together? That might be possible if you can sync them with wordclock and you can configure a pcm multi device. It will be difficult and you will have some headaches with it. It might work though.

that’s what we figured…oh well. one can dream…

we’re looking for any option other than struggling with kernel building to get our 2 1010s to work together. 8 tracks is nice, but not quite enough, and we simply don’t have the money for a new card and new breakout boxes.


Check here:


This guy posted a full how-to on his site for getting mulitple M-Audio 1010s working together. I assume you have the pci cards that go with those 1010 break out boxes (they have some wonky many-pin connector instead of adat).

According to what he’s got posted, you should be able to get 3 1010s working together. I don’t know about the RME alongside it all though, that sounds like a painful path to go down…

Good luck-